Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Year End Survey

Here's a neat little survey I found over at Parker's Paradise.

  1. Where did you begin the year? At a church function with friend's of mine. It was actually A LOT of fun. They had plenty of food & drinks, dancing, DJ & live music, fireworks, etc.

  2. What was your 'status' on Valentine's Day? The same as it's been for FOREVER - single!

  3. Were you in school? No.

  4. How did you earn money; or did you? Working as a paralegal - the same thing I've been doing for going on 8 years now.

  5. Did you go to the hospital? Just to the ER.

  6. Did you have any police encounters? No, thank goodness.

  7. Did you go on vacation? If so, where? No. Sooooo sad about that, too. Maybe 2008 will be different.

  8. Did you make any purchases over $1000? No.

  9. Did you go to any weddings? No.

  10. Were there any deaths that affected you or your family? Nobody in my immediate family died this year, but several friends had deaths in their family, so I was affected by those.

  11. Were there any moves that affected you or your family? No.

  12. Did you attend any concert or shows? No concerts, but I went to several shows, plays, etc.

  13. Did you register to vote? No. I didn't have to because I've been registered for a while now.

  14. Who did you want to win Big Brother? Don't watch the show, so I couldn't care less.

  15. Is your address the same as it was last year? Yes.

  16. Did you attend any birthday celebrations? Yes, several.

  17. What did you do you thought you never would? Ignore a situation that affected me greatly. I learned to walk away from those people who just weren't worth it instead of letting the situation turn into a battle of words.

  18. What was your favorite moment? Oh, I had many favorite moments. All of my very favorites involved times spent with Bubby.

  19. What did you learn about yourself? That it's okay to walk away from people who aren't loyal to you, even if you're loyal to them.

  20. Were there any new additions to the family? No.

  21. What was the best/worst month? I guess the worst month would've been January, simply because the 1-year anniversary of daddy's death happened during that month. The best month - - - I don't really have one specific month. I had lots of good months.

  22. What music will you remember 2007 by? Pretty much anything country, since I have now been listening to it consistently for over a year now. I had forgotten how much I really loved this genre of music until I started listening to it again.

  23. Who was your best drinking buddy? I'm not really a 'drinker.' I have a drink on occasion & it's usually when I meet my friend Reggie for dinner.

  24. Did you make any new friends? Yes.

  25. Do you have a new best friend? I haven't had just one best friend in a while. I have several friends I consider to be best friends. But, I did add a new one to this list in 2007.

  26. What was your one favorite day? There's no way in the world I could narrow it down to just one favorite day. I guess at the top of my list would be Christmas day because it was completely drama free for the first time in a long time & it was just a wonderful day spent with family.

  27. Did you do anything that you wish you'd thought twice about? Not managing my finances better than I have in the past. I'm paying for it now.

  28. Did you make any charitable contributions this year? Yes. I always do.

  29. Have you explored anything new? I found a new church in 2007 that I absolutely love. I've explored a side of myself that I didn't realize existed - leadership! I was asked (suckered into . . . ha!) taking on a Chair position for this year's Relay for Life. I am honored that I was asked & I'm actually enjoying it very much. Which, is very surprising for me, since I'm not a leader & am terrified of public speaking.

  30. Have your circumstances changed? My basic circumstances remain the same. I've gained some new people & lost some old ones in my life. I'm having a very difficult time financially, but trust that God will take care of me as he always has!

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