Sunday, December 30, 2007

Googling Yourself

I got this idea from Gill at Gill's Jottings. It's rather interesting. When I googled my name, I discovered that there's a Jennifer Hendrickson . . .

  • who is an OBGYN.
  • who is an accountant.
  • who is an actress.
  • who owns & operates an online designer clothing store.
  • who is a professional photographer.
  • who is a financial officer for a federal credit union.
  • who is a community educator for a rape crisis center.
  • who is an international student advisor for a community college in Arizona.
  • who is a special events coordinator in Atlanta, GA.
  • who recently announced the birth of a baby. Actually, I ran across several of these.
  • who is a web communication designer.
  • who has her own blog . . . whaddya know . . . it's ME!!!
  • and, a whole lot more!!!

So what happens when you google your name??

1 comment:

Peggie said...

I took you up on the idea and googled myself. What I found was me! I was first as well as listed all through it and found no one with the same name. I did find my email address out there for anyone to get :( . Fun idea, thanks.