Friday, December 21, 2007

The 12 Questions of Christmas

There's no Friday Feast today, but Hootin' Anni is doing her own meme called The Twelve Questions of Christmas, so I figured I'd play along. Here goes:

  1. Christmas is _______________. [fill in the blank with ONE WORD] Christmas is Christ.

  2. In memories, what was the best part of your Christmases past? The best memories I have of Christmas ALWAYS include spending time with family & friends.

  3. Was Santa ever good to you? [describe how and what] Santa was (and is) always good to me, but Jesus is good to me 365 days a year.

  4. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both? Christmas Day.

  5. Is there something you make each and every year? [craft or recipe] I always make handmade ornaments for gifts and also to add to my tree.

  6. What are your favorite five [5] Christmas songs/hymns? Mary, Did You Know; O Holy Night; Christmas Shoes; Ave Maria; and, Silent Night.

  7. Is there a new tradition for Christmas since your childhood days? We've started a tradition of taking Bubby to see the lights and animals at Hollywild Animal Park. In fact, we're headed there tomorrow evening. I'm so excited (guess it doesn't take much, huh?).

  8. Describe one of your Christmas trips. [whether it's across town or across country] I don't really have an exciting Christmas trip to describe. I always spend Christmas in Greenville and we have always had a small family. My trip consists of driving 10-15 minutes to my mom's house, but I always look forward to spending the holiday with my family.

  9. Do you have a special Christmas outfit to wear for the day? That would be a big NO!! I go for comfort, so it's usually blue jeans and a sweatshirt or sweater. Every now & then my top will be Christmasy, but not always.

  10. Have YOU or any of your family members sat on Santa's lap? Well, of course. I haven't sat on Santa's lap in a very long time. But, Bubby sits on his lap every year.

  11. What is/or will be on your Christmas tree this year? This is the 3rd year in a row that I haven't decorated. I haven't been into it as much since my grandmother passed away (May 2004) and daddy passed away (January 2006). I still LOVE Christmas, but just haven't been in the decorating spirit.

  12. Do you/or have you decorated your yard for Christmas? I don't have a yard because I live in a condo. And, even when I lived in a house, I didn't decorate the yard, except to put up a Christmas flag and put swags & bows on the windows & mailbox.

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