Wednesday, September 19, 2007

100 Things - A Few @ A Time - Part III

Alright, I know you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats, wondering when my next post to this little "series" would be. HA!HA! Well, here's Part III to my previous posts - Part I and Part II.
  1. I'm addicted to quotes. I'm not sure where this addiction came from. I guess mostly from my grandmother. She was constantly giving me little books of poems and she always had a bible verse or a saying to share. I have some of my favorite quotes/sayings framed and hung in almost every room in my house. I have a calendar at my office that is nothing but quotes. I use them on holiday cards & newsletters. I scroll them as a screensaver from time to time. I have a small journal that I write them in when I read or hear one I like. I use them A LOT in my scrapbooking and I do a post on my blog from time to time with some of my favorites. It's been a while, so maybe that will be a post over the weekend.

  2. I hate to drive. When I say "hate," I mean I really do hate it. I don't care if it's a 5-mile trip, a 500 mile trip or a 5,000 mile trip. I just don't like it! I'm not sure why! I've never been a fan of driving. I have just in the past 5 years gotten the courage to drive on the interstate. I think a lot of my hang-ups with the interstate was that I didn't feel like I could see well. Since I've had my Jeep, I feel more confident - just sitting up a little higher! Stupid, I know!!! The other side of the problem is that people CANNOT drive. They scare me to death! I get easily frustrated with other drivers. I've had friends & family tell me that's how I'm going to die (either from a heart attack or from someone shooting me). I certainly hope not!!! Needless to say, I wouldn't make for a good traveling saleswoman! HA!

  3. I love photos. I have tons & tons of pictures. I have just recently started scrapbooking and have realized just how many I actually have (and still have that need to be printed from my SD card). I especially love black & white photos. I just think they say so much more. It gives the picture a different personality. I turn a lot of my more recent pictures into black & white. I did an entire scrapbook in black & white (of my parents' wedding). It turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself! I have photos all over the house (I don't have room for another picture frame, in most places). I have a small collection at the office. I would have more if I had more desk space. But, I guess it's a good thing I don't.

  4. I am a list maker. I've always been a little "OCD" about organization (at least at work). So, I know this little fact about me comes from that. I make lists for EVERYTHING!!! From addresses to birthdays to groceries to things people like (for gift giving). It's quite the obsession, honestly. But, it's good in a lot of ways, too. I rarely forget a birthday, thanks to this little quirk. I'd love to say that everything gets done because of it, but it doesn't. The bad comes through in this - because I can actually see all the things I need to do, but haven't done!

  5. I love Italian food. I will pick an Italian restaurant over any other kind always. Some of my favorites here in the Upstate are Olive Garden, Trattoria Giorgio and Carrabba's. There used to be a place called Abbondonza that was wonderful, but it's no longer here. Some of my favorite dishes - baked ziti, manicotti, ravioli, chicken parmesan and pasta fagoli (soup), to name a few.

  6. I am a self-admitted coffee "addict." I love coffee and always have. This most definitely came from my grandmother, but my entire family loves it. My grandmother introduced me to coffee when I was 4 or 5 because I begged her to have a cup. She said I wouldn't like it, but that she would let me try it. That's all it took - I was HOOKED! I love it in pretty much every form - hot, cold, iced - it doesn't matter. I love Starbuck's & Barnies, but love good ole Folgers or Maxwell House, too. Barnie's has a coffee called Santa's White Christmas that is my VERY FAVORITE! Unfortunately, we no longer have a Barnie's here, so I have to order it online to get my fix. I usually do that at the holidays because several people on my list love it, too. My drink of choice at Starbuck's is the White Chocolate Mocha (hot in the fall/winter and iced in the summer/spring). It is divine!!!

  7. I am fascinated with lighthouses. Again, not sure where this came from. I just love them and have for a long time. My first visit to a lighthouse was on a Mission Trip to Beaufort, SC back in the '90s. We did a backyard Bible club at Hunting Island State Park and they have a lighthouse. This may have been where my fascination came from. My kitchen is decorated in lighthouses - from the curtains down to the dishes. The lighthouse theme flows a little into every part of my house, since I have been given & collected the figurines, etc. over the years. I would love to take an excursion, at some point, and visit as many of the U.S. lighthouses that I can. I think that would be a great trip!!! Maybe one day!!

  8. I am a collector of books. I love to read and always have. But, I don't just buy books to read. Sometimes, I just buy the really good clearance deals on hardbacks for "show." I have a lot of these finds on a bookcase in my living room. Most of them have never been read (and probably won't be). I also love the "coffee table" books. Unfortunately, I have no coffee table. One of my favorite "coffee table" books is one that I bought not too long after 9/11. It's called "Portraits 9/11/01." The New York Times featured people who were killed on 9/11 in their obituary section. They did this every day for about 6 months. These were later compiled into this book. These were not your typical obituaries. Each was made personal by including a photo and a write-up of a special story, etc. It is a very moving book. As for actual books, some of my favorites are "The Notebook," "A Walk to Remember," "Sam's Letters to Jennifer," and "Suzanne's Diary to Nicholas." My favorite authors would include Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, John Grisham & Max Lucado.

  9. My favorite time of year is Fall. It has finally started to feel like Fall here in SC. I LOVE it! I love the crisp air, the mild days and the cool nights. I love opening the windows and sitting with the patio door open. Something about listening to the crickets chirp in the evenings relaxes me. I love it because I can wear blue jeans without burning up and I might just have to throw on a light jacket to keep warm at night. I love the colors of the leaves as they change. I love taking rides in the mountains & spending time outdoors. I just love EVERYTHING about this season!

  10. Did I mention that my biggest pet peeve is someone who is cell phone addicted? Why yes, I have - see my earlier post. To add to this category, let me share something else about cell phones that I hate (even more than listening to an hour long conversation in the grocery store). Driving while yapping or texting is worse! Not only is it just annoying, it is very dangerous. While my having to listen to your hour long conversation in the grocery store might make me a little 'edgy' or bore me to tears, it won't kill me. However, focusing on your cell phone instead of the road COULD!!! I've seen A LOT of things, but how anyone can text message with one hand, drive with the other and actually focus on driving a 5,000+ pound object, is beyond my understanding. If I said I'd never used my cell phone in the car, I would be lying. But, I DO NOT have lengthy conversations without using my speakerphone or my earpiece. I need to have BOTH hands on the wheel & my eyes on the road. After all, my life, my passengers' lives and everyone else on the road's lives depend on me and you to be responsible. This past week, I witnessed an accident that could've definitely been avoided. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but there was property damage, which is bad enough. I was on my way to Walgreens to pick up a prescription. I am sitting at the red light when I notice a girl/woman (my guess is she was in her 20s) yapping on and on. Then, I notice she starts texting. She is DEFINITELY NOT paying attention to anything but the phone. She is in the lane to my left. There are two turn only lanes to her left. I say outloud to myself (yes, I talk to myself . . . ha!) . . . "If she doesn't start paying attention, she's going to cause an accident." Before I could get the words out of my mouth, BAM, she slams (and I mean slams) into the truck in front of her. Why? Because the left turn arrow turned green and those lanes started going. Rather than look up from the cell phone (or, better yet . . . HANG IT UP), she decides "Oh, it must be 'go' time." Wrong!!! It's stuff like this that just gets me so flustered. People fuss about stupid laws (I'm one of those people), but requiring someone to hang up and drive wouldn't be a stupid law in my book. After all . . . my life (and yours) depends on it!

Alrighty, so there's 10 more things to add to this little 'series.' So, that's 15 down, 85 more to go. This could take a good, long while!! But, it's fun. So, until next time . . .


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