Monday, August 6, 2007

Sickness STINKS & New Movies are GREAT!!!

First off, being sick STINKS!!!!

I have been cooped up in this house since Thursday night and am just about to go insane! I hate feeling trapped! I hate being sick even MORE! I felt horrible all last week, went to the doctor on Wednesday and still feel terrible. Went back to the doctor today! It seems my upper respiratory infection has now decided it wants to turn into bronchitis + I have strep throat now, too. I am now on round #2 of antibiotics. Oh boy, what fun!!!

So, I've been killing time this afternoon - reading blogs, surfing the net, etc. Someone on another blog posted about the new "National Treasure" movie coming out in December. It looks really good! Check out the trailer:

I think older kids, but mainly adults, would enjoy it, but here are a few more family oriented movies that are in theaters or are coming soon. You can play the trailers back to back below:

So, now that you've seen your 30 minutes of previews, don't show up for your next theater movie until about 30 minutes after the scheduled "start" time. See, by reading this blog, you saved 30 extra minutes. Aren't you lucky?! :-)

Until next time . . .

Have a GREAT week!

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