Sunday, August 5, 2007

TAG . . . You're It!!!

Okay, I was "tagged" so . . . here goes!

I AM: bored out of my mind & wishing my throat would quit hurting :-(

I WANT: to live a long, healthy, happy life.

I WISH: I could be debt-free by the time I'm 40 (that's only 9 years away . . . gosh, I'm old).

I HATE: confrontation.

I MISS: my daddy & my MaMa (Grandmother Gulley). I miss them more every day.

I FEAR: deep water and anything creepy crawly. Ok, I suppose I'm a big ole baby!

I HEAR: peace and quiet, which I usually want, but . . . I've been stuck in the house the past 2 days (sick), so it's maddening right now.

I WONDER: why people can't just relax and be themselves. I just don't understand the need people have for putting on a front & being someone they're not. My philosophy - - - just BE YOURSELF!!!!

I REGRET: not telling someone how I felt before it was too late. I missed a huge opportunity because I was afraid of rejection.

I AM NOT: a person who keeps her opinions to herself. I try sooo hard, but you ask . . . I'll give it to you. :-)

I DANCE: poorly!

I SING: ALL the time - in the car, in the shower, wherever! I LOVE music!

I CRY: rarely, but when I do, it's usually because I'm very angry or when I think about my daddy or MaMa.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: outspoken. I can close my mouth when I need to. :-)

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: ornaments, cards, scrapbook pages.

I WRITE: A LOT - emails, letters, cards, blogs, etc. Writing is therapeutic for me!

I CONFUSE: myself ALL the time! And, probably confuse everyone else, too.

I NEED: to go to bed, but my eyes are wide open!!! And, it's 2am! UGH!

I SHOULD: be more patient!

I START: books & finish them months/years later. In order for me to finish a book in a day/week, it has to grab me from the start.

I FINISH: eating - - - ALWAYS!!!

Alison and Rebecca

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