Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tweet, Twit, Twitter, Twittering ... Whatever You Call It ... I'm ADDICTED

I have recently upgraded my cell phone to a Palm Treo 700wx. It's FABULOUS! I swore I would never get sucked in to all the technology, but I am now addicted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, I've been on the search for great applications for my phone that are Windows Mobile friendly. I have found an AWESOME application for Twitter called Twikini. It's user friendly, customizable, fast & efficient. If you have a Windows Mobile based phone and are a Twitter addict like me, click HERE to check out Twikini. The screenshot below is the screen I use (it's called Summer), but they have many options to choose from.

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Ilina said...

hey there, im just wandering around and stumbled on your blog. well its nice to see "living the moment" as ur motto in life. Im looking for happiness. Oh btw, my ex is from Greenville,SC too. :)