Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maybe I Should . . .

Saw this over at The Wood Family blog and thought I'd play along.  I really have plenty of things to be doing, but . . . just want to take a break right now, so . . . here goes:

Maybe I should . . . take a nap & then just stay up ALL night and ALL day tomorrow to get this house completely packed up & ready for the movers on Saturday morning.
I love the smell of . . . an ocean breeze.
People would say that I . . . talk too much, but that I get along with pretty much everybody & that I'm fun to be around.  [At least, I hope that's what people would say.]
I don't understand why . . . some people thrive on drama.
When I wake up in the morning . . . I almost always want to go back to sleep.  I do NOT get enough sleep at night & I'm always sooooo tired when I wake up.
I lost my will power to . . . diet years ago.  No matter how hard I try, I just can't lose weight, so I don't waste time worrying about it anymore. 
Life is wonderful with . . . my family & friends!
My past made me . . . realize that I shouldn't live my life for others; that I should live every day moment to moment.  Life is too short to live for others.  Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.
I get annoyed when . . . someone asks you a question and while you're trying to answer them they're either talking over you or are just not paying attention.
Parties are not . . . something I've ever been super excited about.  The only parties I ever look forward to our our annual Christmas party with friends & family and my nephew's birthday party.  I'm just not a 'partier' and never have been.
Dogs are . . . the BEST!!! 
Cats are . . . fine, but just not my favorite.  They're moody and not very snuggly.  Plus, I'm highly allergic!!!
Tomorrow I am going to . . . finish packing up this house so everything is ready for the movers on Saturday morning.  I HATE moving!!!!
I have a low tolerance for . . . pain - - - I'm just a big wuss!!! 
I'm totally terrified of . . . deep water.
I wonder why I thought my life would be . . . relaxing & calm.  Mine is sooooo not that, especially right now!  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Never in my life . . . have I been outside of the U.S.,  but I'd love to.
High School was something that . . . I try to forget about. 
When I'm nervous . . . I fidget and/or bite my nails (bad habit, I know).
One time at a family gathering . . . my brother almost caused my 2nd cousin to have a wreck.  This was years ago and he was just a little dude (about 5 or 6) and loved to make impressions of driving sounds (squealing tires, crashes, etc.).  We were driving to the Mall during the Christmas rush-hour and he all of a sudden let out a LOUD tire squeal & she just about slammed into a car in oncoming traffic.  It wasn't funny then, but we laugh about it now!
Take my advice . . . you can never make everyone happy, so quit trying!
Making my bed is . . . something I rarely do!  [I can hear the gasps from here!]
I'm almost always . . . awake after midnight.
I'm addicted to . . . Criminal Minds, American Idol and the Food Network.  I'm also addicted to sudoku & the internet.
I want someone . . . to come over here & help me finish packing up this house!  Any takers???  :-)
I NOW TAG . . . nobody.  Feel free to play along if you'd like.  Leave a comment & let me know so that I can check out your answers!


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