Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the WINNER is . . . DAVID!!!

And the WINNER is . . . DAVID!!!  David Cook, that is!  I am beyond thrilled!  After watching 7 seasons of American Idol, my pick from the very start finally won the title!!!  I just love him!  I  think he's an awesome singer who seems very humble & grateful for the opportunity he's been given.  I think he has big things ahead for him and I hope he stays exactly the same!  I loved him from the beginning and fell more in love with him with each passing week.  Here are some of my favorite performances from the season and just a few of the reasons I just can't get enough of him . . .





Mercy . . . did I mention  that I LOVE him?!!  He is just awesome & I can't wait until he has an album out!!  I could listen to him 24/7!!!  This season, by far, has been the most talented, in my opinion.  This is an American Idol tour that I wouldn't mind seeing.  Unfortunately, they're not touring in my city.  :-( 

Tonight, David Cook sang with ZZ Top,which was one of my daddy's favorite bands.  Daddy soooooo would've loved this performance.  Here it is . . . it was pretty dang AWESOME!!!!


Another AWESOME performance on tonight's finale was David Archuleta singing Apologize with One Republic.  Check it out!!!

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