Friday, February 29, 2008

What A Week . . .

What a week - - - spent in bed with the flu turned bronchitis and double ear infections. Fun, fun, FUN, huh?? Today is the first day in over a week that I've actually felt like 1/2 of myself. I actually moved from the bed to the couch a while ago. So, no old school VHS tapes in here. I'm having a Will & Grace marathon. I have all the seasons on DVD (at least the ones that are available, so far). It always makes me laugh & I haven't laughed in a good while!

Not sure what, if anything, I'll attempt to do this weekend. I think I'm just going to take it easy, though I am going to try to go to church on Sunday. I missed last week and I really don't want to miss again. Plus, this is my volunteer week. So, I'll lay low today and tomorrow in hopes of going on Sunday.

So, on to the task at hand . . . it's Friday & we know that's my major meme day, so . . . here goes:

FRIDAY FUN: On Your Birthday Edition

In honor of Leap Year, Multifaceted Mama did a little research on Wikipedia for trivia on the day for her blog post for today. She thought it would be interesting to find things out about our birthdays. If you use Wikipedia, just do a search on your birthday (for example, August 12) and it will lead you to a page on your day. Wikipedia also has a page on birthdays, including birthstones, flowers, etc.

So here's the scoop:

Birthday: April 30
Birthstone: Traditional - diamond & sapphire; Modern - diamond
Birth flowers: Daisy, sweet pea




  1. I'm looking forward to next week. I'm looking forward to getting back to REAL life next week.
  2. I don't handle very well. I don't handle stress very well.
  3. is something I could eat every day. Chicken is something I could eat every day.

  4. Warmth and sunlight ___________. Warmth and sunlight calm me.

  5. ______ here I come! Starbucks here I come! [I need a Starbucks fix & I will have it this weekend!]

  6. I _______ tattoo(s). I don't care for tattoo(s). If you have one, that's cool - - - I just don't care for them!

  7. And as for the weekend,tonight I'm looking forward to _______, tomorrow my plans include __________ and Sunday, I want to _________! And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to absolutely nothing, tomorrow my plans include just relaxing and Sunday, I want to go to church and grab a Starbucks!


Appetizer: Who was the last person you hugged? I've been human contactless for over a week (other than the doctor), so I'm not sure. If I'm guessing, probably my nephew.

Soup: Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us. Let's see . . . I don't really have any tricks! I would say brush your teeth at least twice a day, wash your face every night, and drink plenty of water.

Salad: What does the color yellow make you think of? My brother's car. It's what I call "Big Bird Yellow," but it suits him. It's a nice car, just too bright for me.

Main Course: If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around? Children and animals, I'm sure.

Dessert: What was the longest book you ever read? Portraits 9/11/01



  1. I can't bear the sound of_________. I can't bear the sound of unruly children who are screaming, throwing tantrums, running around, etc. & the parents sit by and say/do nothing.
  2. I would love to time-travel back to_________. I would love to time-travel back to the 1960s.
  3. Shop alone, shop with mom, or shop with friends? I'm not a big fan of shopping, so . . . when I do, any of the above work for me. When mom & I shop together, we split up, though. People always laugh at us.
  4. Worst movie ever? There are quite a few, but one that comes to mind is Vanilla Sky!
  5. Have you ever had your heart broken (by the opposite sex . . . not by a family member, or close friend)? Oh yeah! But, I recovered!

Bonus Questions:

  1. In what area of your life have you felt the most judged (by others or even self condemnation)? How I handle stress, difficult situations, etc. This is both self condemnation and judgment by others.
  2. (relates to number 6) Are you now free from that judgment, and how did you get free if you are? I would have to say that I'm not free from it.
  3. (written by Dan Whitney) What is one new way you could be a blessing to your pastor (or other ministers) this year? Sending emails, notes, cards, etc. of encouragement to he & his wife.



Toknowhim said...

Thanks for stopping by again and participating. Did you get a new blog header? Things look different :) Blessings to you this week!!

Megan said...

Hope your feeling better and survived the weekend. Thanks for entering my contest! You got one ticket in the hat! Good Luck.

Janet said...

I'm with you on #2...thanks for playing Friday Fill-Ins!