Monday, February 4, 2008

That's My Answer

Question To Go

QUESTION TO GOIf you won a million dollars and had to spend ALL of it — every last penny, what would you spend it on?

Well, there was a similar question in another meme a few weeks ago, but the difference was that the money had to be spent on one person - - - YOURSELF! That wasn't easy at all! This one will be A LOT easier for me! Here's what I would spend it on:

  1. 10% to my church. [$100,000]
  2. Pay off all debt. [$25,000, give or take]
  3. Purchase a condo/townhouse. [$100,000]
  4. New car - - - I like my current car just fine, but with a million dollars, I figure I can buy a newer one. [$30,000]
  5. New furniture - - - because I own nothing that matches; it's all hand-me-down (which is A-Okay with me)! [$30,000]
  6. New wardrobe (shoes, accessories, etc.) - - - because I desperately need one! [$15,000]
  7. Start a trust fund for my nephew. [$50,000]
  8. Purchase a house for my mom & my brother. [$200,000]
  9. Purchase a new car for my mom. I'd say the same for my brother, but he already has a brand new car. [$25,000]
  10. Money to my mom for bills, etc. [$50,000]
  11. Money to my brother for bills, etc. [$50,000]
  12. A trip with my family & closest friends. [$50,000]
  13. Give to charity - - - - American Cancer Society [$30,000], Greenville Humane Society [$25,000], Special Olympics [$15,000], Alzheimer's Association [$10,000]
  14. Money to closest friends to use as they wish [$75,000]
  15. Investments [$75,000]
  16. Savings Account [$45,000]

And, there's the $1,000,000.00 spent - - - EVERY LAST PENNY of it!!!

What would you spend a million dollars on??



Dee said...

I like your answers but you forgot Pay off Dee's house 100,000. LOL you'll have to go back and reconfigure!

Bethany said...

Fun!!! I still need to do this meme...hehe. It's still sitting in my Google Reader. ;) BTW, Friday Feast isn't up this week so I made some questions of my own....feel free to join in and pass the word along :)