Thursday, February 7, 2008

Freaky Friday Questions . . .

Bethany over at Bethany's Paradise did her own questions since Friday Feast is down for the week. So, I'm playing along! You all know Fridays are my meme days! :-) Here goes:

  1. What are some of your favorite websites? Rhapsody, EBay, Overstock, WYFF, Greenville News, IGoogle, Food Network, Amazon, etc.
  2. If you had boy/girl twins today, what would you name them? Girl: Grayson Elyce & Boy: Grant Edward
  3. What was your favorite grade in elementary school? Did you have a favorite teacher? 3rd grade and my favorite teacher was Mrs. Janet Campbell. I kept in touch with her years after elementary school, but have lost touch with her in the past 5+ years.
  4. What types of punishment did your parents use while you were growing up? What was the most effective on you? Spanking, restrictions (from the phone and/or going out with friends). Spanking didn't phase me, but restrictions rocked my world - especially if they included phone restrictions!!!
  5. Can you parallel park? Did you have to parallel park for your driving exam? I can, but not well! I did have to parallel park for my driving exam & failed 3 times because of it!!!

BONUS: Use this site to find where you should live. What are your top 5 and have you ever been to them before?

  1. Walla Walla, Washington
  2. Enid, Oklahoma
  3. Berea, Kentucky
  4. Great Falls, Montana
  5. Amarillo, Texas

I've never even heard of #1 or #2. I have not been to any of my top 5. I found this quiz to be very enlightening. I'm probably going to do a separate blog with my complete list of 24!

Feel free to play along! If you do, leave a comment so I'll know to head over to your blog for a visit!

Have a great Friday!!!!



Bethany said...

Thanks for participating!! I like the name Grant, good choice. :) 3rd grade seems to be a very popular favorite grade, how funny is that!?!? I haven't been to any of your top 5 places either.

eleisia said...

Enjoyed your answers. Parallel parking is difficult especially if there is traffic around.

I haven't been to any of your cities. Interesting list.

Gabriel said...

I had the same idea Bethany had, only I found out about her after I posted mine...

Wanna try another set? In case you're interested, here's my post.

Happy FF!

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

I failed 2 times because of parallel parking and she felt sorry for me the last time..

All my places were near the beach...(I knew they would be)

Michelle said...

I took that quiz several months ago - I think I saw that site in Newsweek. Joe and I need to figure out where we're going to retire to after he retires from the air force, so I was hoping that would help give us some insight! :)

Walla Walla, WA - that's where Drew Bledsoe is from - he used to be the quarterback for the New England Patriots, and then the Dallas Cowboys! LOL