Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Little Q & A

Grabbed this little Q&A meme from Sandee.

  1. What I was doing ten years ago: That's been so long ago, it's hard for me to remember. But, I think I had already gone to work as a store manager for my friend's, Tommy & Lyn.

  2. Five years ago: Working, working, working @ the law firm (where I still am today). Living alone, for the first time in my life. I had been out of the house for a long time, but had always had a roommate.

  3. One year ago: Still trying to develop a new "normal" in my life after losing my daddy to cancer. Some days, I'm still not sure I've found that new "normal."

  4. Yesterday: Work & then scrapbooking with mom & Shell (we do this EVERY Tuesday night).

  5. 5 snacks I enjoy: (1) popcorn, (2) ice cream, (3) pistachios, (4) sun chips, and (5) sunflower seeds.

  6. 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million: (1) pay off debt, (2) give at least 10% to my church, (3) buy a house/condo, (4) start a trust for Bubby, and (5) give to charity.

  7. 5 locations I would like to run away to: (1) Charleston, SC, (2) Flat Rock/Hendersonville, NC, (3) Greece, (4) Ireland, or (5) Italy.

  8. 5 bad habits I have: (1) worrying, (2) people pleasing, (3) procrastinating, (4) too analytical, and (5) take myself (and others) too seriously sometimes.

  9. 5 things I like doing: (1) spending time with family, (2) spending time with friends, (3) scrapbooking, (4) reading and (5) blogging.

  10. 5 TV shows I like: (1) CSI, (2) Criminal Minds, (3) Extreme Makeover Home Edition, (4) Grey's Anatomy, and (5) Dr. Phil.

  11. 5 things I hate doing: (1) Cleaning, (2) Shopping (unless it's for scrapbook stuff or for gifts for others), (3) Driving, (4) Filing (at work), and (5) Paying taxes.

  12. 5 Biggest joys of the moment: (1) Family, (2) Friends, (3) Finally finding the right church, (4) Health, and (5) Contentment.

. . . and I tag anyone that wants to do this. Post your answers on your blog if you want to play along.

Until next time . . .

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