Thursday, October 4, 2007

Crazy Eights

Just a little quiz/survey called CRAZY EIGHTS that I thought I'd do for tonight's post. It's been a rough day that didn't end any better, so I'm just not in the deep, thoughtful mood. So, enjoy!!


1) Jesus / Church - He is the reason I live each day. I am so blessed & cannot imagine what my life would be without Him. I am blessed to have finally found a church that I love!

2) Family - aside from Jesus, THE MOST important thing in my life

3) Friends - though TRUE ones are few & far between, the TRUE ones make up for the ones that aren't. I am blessed to have more than one TRUE friend in my life! You know who you are & I love all of you!

4) My job - as strange as it may seem that this made the list, I really am passionate about what I do. I can't imagine doing anything else. Sure, it has it's days, just like any other job, but I am truly blessed to work with & for people who are like family.

5) Scrapbooking - a new hobby I've discovered, but one that I have become very passionate about. It's a great way to preserve memories!! Plus, it's very therapeutic for me!

6) Children - even though I don't have any of my own, I have enough children in my life (my precious Bubby + friends' kids) to love. I love the honesty & innocence that children possess.

7) Blogging - another new "hobby" that I've started. I started a blog not too long after I lost my daddy to cancer. It has now become a great tool for me to express myself without judgment from others + it is a great way to look back & see how far you've come.

8) Honesty - without honesty (no matter how brutal), you cannot live a complete life. If you're lying to yourself or to someone else, you are incomplete as a person. Of course, this is MY opinion & I don't expect anyone to take my opinion as their own.


1) Travel - specifically to Greece, Ireland & Italy. I would also like to travel the U.S.

2) Overcome my fear of public speaking.

3) Take a photography class.

4) Meet the love of my life (*if that is God's will).

5) Have children (*if that is God's will).

6) Buy a home.

7) Be debt-free.

8) Lead someone to Christ.


1) Love ya.

2) Be careful.

3) It's was fun (because it almost always is).

4) Aunt Sissy loves you (because I do) - to Bubby.

5) Here's a newsflash (just a little snide remark I make a lot).

6) Holla (a greeting that's actually a joke between myself & my bestest friend).

7) Toodles (my version of "goodbye").

8) You kill me (because I have some of THE FUNNIEST friends & family on the planet).


1) Bubby - laughing, singing, talking (really doesn't matter).

2) The wind blowing - something about a nice breeze, especially in the fall.

3) Any song by Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, and Josh Groban.

4) Lizzy (my "sister with fur") when she's trying to get attention - she almost "talks" and it's just HILARIOUS!

5) Violin, piano or flute.

6) Children laughing.

7) A message that is saved on my cell phone.

8) Claire - a friend at church - doing impersonations! She is one of THE FUNNIEST people I've ever met.


1) Honesty.

2) Sense of humor.

3) Trustworthy.

4) Loyalty.

5) Patience.

6) Knowing that they'll be there no matter what.

7) Similar interests.

8) Understanding.


1) My mom - she's been a great mom & has been through so much!! I admire her courage in dealing with my daddy's illness & death. Even through our differences, I know that I am loved.

2) My daddy - he was such a brave man. He never told me what I wanted to hear. He was always honest, even if it hurt. Even through our differences, I knew that I was loved.

3) My MaMa (grandmother) - I don't have enough room or time to put into words just how special she was. I always knew that I could turn to her. She was my best friend. When she died, I lost a part of myself.

4) My brother - he has worked really hard to better himself & he's a GREAT daddy to Bubby. I admire him for being a real man, stepping up to the plate & putting his child first.

5) My bestest friend, Shell - she is one of the most giving and compassionate people I know. She would take the shirt off of her back for anyone. She has done so many good things in her life. She is a wonderful friend, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, etc. If there were more people like her, the world would be a much better place.

6) My co-workers - My boss, Lee is one of the hardest workers I know. He puts everyone & everything above himself (not that I believe this is a good thing ALL the time). He truly cares about people. The entire firm (Lee, Steve & Jeannie) helped me through the darkest time in my life (the death of my daddy). I was NEVER made to choose between my family & my job and because of that I was able to spend the last few months of my daddy's life with him. Those are precious memories that would've never been made had it not been for such a wonderful group of people @ the firm & for that I am forever indebted to them.

7) My friend, Alison - she went through a very difficult situation in her life & has risen above it with compassion, forgiveness & understanding.

8) Soldiers (for obvious reasons) - they are the reason for my freedom!


1) That not everyone who calls themself a "friend" really is.

2) The people I can really count on.

3) How to scrapbook.

4) That there are still GOOD churches out there; it can just take some time to find them. Thank goodness my search is over.

5) That memories live FOREVER!

6) That time heals NOTHING!

7) That "things" aren't nearly as important as time spent with others.

8) That you can be completely honest with someone, have a disagreement & still walk away feeling better than you did before you opened your mouth.

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AWWWWW! Thanks for the sweet comment. That means a lot especially after the rotten day I havee had.