Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm NOT a Cook, but . . . . .

It's been a little while since I've blogged. The past 2 weeks have just been terrible. I've been sick pretty much the entire time. I went back to the doctor and am now on round #3 of antibiotics. The verdict this time was ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis. This is, by far, the WORST ear infection I've ever had. I basically can't hear out of it and it hurts to even move my head. OUCH!! And, my glands are so swollen, it feels like they're coming out the back side of my head. I know that's a great graphic. Other than the time I had gastroenteritis and was laid up for almost 3 months solid, this is the worst I've ever felt. I'm praying so hard that this round of antibiotics will do the trick. The doctor decided that it wasn't a bad idea to do a mononucleois test, since I don't seem to be getting better (only worse). I should (key word being "should") have test results back today or Monday. I'm betting on Monday. She said even if it comes back negative, I'm not necessarily out-of-the-woods. It can take up to a month before testing positive. NIIIIICCCCEEEE!!! I'm hoping & praying that this will not be the case. There's nothing they can do for you. You just have to keep hydrated, lay around & restrict basically all activities. If I had to do that, I'd go TOTALLY insane! There's only so much tv, reading, sudoku puzzles, internet surfing you can do. I'm having a difficult time sleeping because I can't seem to find a position where I'm comfortable and not hurting. I'm not a stomach sleeper, but sleeping on my back is near impossible because I wind up hacking myself to near death. So, here I am at almost 1am, blogging. I need to put together another slideshow for a blog, but just don't feel like dealing with pictures this late. I'll do that in another blog.

I have to tell you about my new-found addiction - Food Network! Those of you who know me, even remotely, know that I'm no cook. Cooking shows & the such have never been my thing. However, when you're confined to the house for longer than a day or two, you start discovering all sorts of new things. I have discovered several shows on the Food Network that I LOVVVVEEE!! One is called "Ace of Cakes" and it is fascinating. It centers around this guy named Duff, who is the owner of this bakery in Baltimore, Maryland. All of his employees are close friends. And, as stereotypical as this may sound, NONE of these people strike me as the baker/cake decorator types. But, they're amazing! Go to Charm City Cakes & check out all the awesome cakes they've done. They have links for several different categories (elegant, kids, fun, etc.). Be sure to check them all out!

Another show that I've come to love is "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." They feature several of the aforementioned on each show. I've seen several in the Carolinas featured. There's one in Charlotte, NC, called The Penguin, that mom & I have decided is a MUST if we're ever in the area. And, another one that makes the list is in Chicago & it's called The Frozen Mug. Doubting that we'll ever visit there, but if we do, we know at least one place we'll be dining.

The last show that has made my list is "Unwrapped." They feature a particular food item on each episode and show how it's made. One of the most fascinating I've seen is the peeps (those wonderful little sugary marshmallow birds). You never really think about what goes into making things until you watch something like this show. It certainly makes me appreciate all sorts of jobs.

Well, enough food discussion for one evening (morning, really). Look for a post about Dalton's first swimming pool experience - - - probably sometime this weekend!

Until next time . . .

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