Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging ME

I saw this on another blog & thought it was a neat way to "blog yourself," so . . . . ENJOY!!!

I am single & happy.

I love God & He loves me.

I hate when people ask two things: when are you getting married and when are you going to have kids.

I am doing something as a career that I never saw myself doing (and, I love it).

I am blessed with great friends.

I am blessed with wonderful family.

The #1 man in my life is my nephew, Bubby. :-)

I'm great at nothing, but good at some things.

I was blessed to have my daddy in my life for 29 years (and I miss him more every day).

I am most comfortable in jammies (too bad you can't wear those out in public; well, there are people that apparently missed that memo, but . . . ).

I want the kind of relationship that I admire most - those people who've been married for 40, 50, 60+ years and are more in love than they were the day they married - it just melts my heart to see an elderly couple holding hands (that's what I want).

I am a music addict - I love pretty much anything.

I love coffee and bookstores.

I love the performing arts (plays, musicals, etc.).

I love to watch children play.

I love animals and would have a house full if I could afford it & had the time.

I love scrapbooking - it is my newest addiction.

I am a collector of quotes, in all forms (I have quotes framed all over my house, at my office, etc.; calendars, books, etc.).

I am fascinated with human psychology, sociology & behavior.

I love the way it feels to do something I set my mind to.

I talk too much.

I'm too detail oriented.

I'm OCD when it comes to planning & organizing.

I have several friends that I've had my entire life.

I would love to travel the world.

I suffer from stagefright REALLY bad.

I prefer the mountains to the beach.

I love small towns.

Unlike my mom, I don't have a green thumb.

I hate driving.

I am terrified of deep water.

I love deep conversations.

I hardly sleep - - - but, not by choice.

I love getting to know people.

I love road trips, but rarely get to take one.

I love working sudoku puzzles (have one in pretty much every room of my house, at the office and in my purse) - I guess you could say I'm addicted.

I am not much of a "dater" (can count the people I was serious with on one hand & still have fingers left over).

I am a "hoarder" (I keep everything) and get it honestly (from mom & MaMa).

I hate riding with my brother. I love him, but he scares me to death driving.

I prefer to be alone.

I think I have a good sense of humor (as cocky as that sounds). At least, I've been told I do.

I hate sports.

I love movies.

I love figuring out the who, what, why, etc.

I have a long list of tv shows I watch.

I am not very disciplined.

I love to travel.

I do my best thinking very late at night.

I love volunteer work.

I prefer a card or handwritten note to a gift any day.

I am nicknamed "The Card Lady" by one of my friends (the name speaks for itself).

I sing ALL THE TIME, but don't claim to do it well.

I want to be debt-free by the time I'm 40.

I wish people wouldn't take everything so seriously.

I love to laugh.

I can tell a lot about a person by their smile and the way they treat their friends/family.

I love to blog.

I love black & white photos.

I could continue with this list forever, but . . . . I'll quit now! :-)

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