Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's Feast - A Buffet for Your Brain

Yet ANOTHER meme, but an interesting one! I feel an "addiction" coming on!!!

Appetizer: Who is the easiest person for you to talk to? My closest friends (and in NO particular order) - Shell, Lyn, Reggie, Alison, Sandra, Pam & Rebecca.

Soup: If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose? This is not the easiest question to answer. I'll think on this & if anything comes to me, I'll post it later. But, don't count on anything "coming to me." :-)

Salad: What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed? One of the coolest things for me was watching my friend, Lyn, when she was pregnant with her youngest, Heather. We would talk to Heather and she would move all over the place and you could see it. It was just such a reminder to me of how awesome God is and just how precious life is!

Main Course: If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt? I would not be a good celebrity because I just don't like the limelight. I wouldn't even know how to begin to answer this question. I guess if I had to do something that would get me publicity, it wouldn't be the stuff these crazy celebrities are doing now - drugs, drinking, acting foolish. I would do something good - helping those less fortunate, etc.

Dessert: What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child? Well, I don't know that there's such a thing as an "ideal" age to have your 1st child. I used to think that you had to have children by the time you were 25, but now . . . not so much! I'm 31 and don't have kids. And, I don't know that I'd be ready, even now. I guess it just depends on the person and where they are in their life. But, I don't think that those under the age of 18 would fall into the "ideal" category.

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