Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Great Snow of 2009

Being in the South, we can experience 4 seasons in one week . . . NO KIDDING!! We have had forecasts all season for snow, but to our disappointment, we never received any. We started hearing forecasts for snow today and my first thought was "Yeah, right!! That's NOT gonna happen." Well, I was WRONG!!

I got up this morning and headed to church in the pouring down rain. It has rained ALL weekend. During the service, you could tell that there was something different about the rain . . . it had ice/sleet in it. I had to keep nursery during 2nd service and then I went out to lunch with a bunch of girls afterwards. As I was heading home, the rain turned to nothing but ice/sleet. I got home around 3:00. An hour or so later, the ice/sleet was nothing but snow . . . HEAVY snow and HUGE snowflakes! By the time night had fallen, we had several inches of snow. I would guesstimate that we have around 4-5 inches, which for us is a BIG DEAL! All of the counties around us have called off school for tomorrow. A LOT of businesses have announced that they are closed. The roads are, for sure, a HUGE mess. I attempted to move my car from the road to the driveway & couldn't even accomplish that. Nothing but slipping & sliding. I have NO intentions of attempting to go to work tomorrow. My boss isn't supposed to be in the office tomorrow anyway, so unless someone comes to get me, I will be staying at home.

The "feeling trapped" mode has set in now & I'm bored out of my skull. I'm wide awake, which is nothing new. So, I'll just do some internet surfing, watch a little TV, etc. until I can fall asleep. Then, tomorrow . . . I'm going to try to get some projects accomplished while I have the chance. I need to clean out my bedroom closet and also do some furniture rearranging in my bedroom. I guess those two things will turn into an all-day event. But, it's okay because what else is there to do?!

Here are some pictures of the "great snow of 2009" (I'm still amazed that we got a big snow on March 1st . . . MARCH 1st):


So, any of you have winter weather over the weekend?

Have a great week everyone!


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