Thursday, July 3, 2008

What An Inspiration

There aren't many 'reality' TV shows I watch anymore. Quite frankly, they've all gotten just a tad too silly & ridiculous for my taste. But, I do love America's Got Talent. It is better this year than it ever has been. There have been great acts each week, but did anyone happen to see the 9-year old little boy, David, who is autistic, perform this week? If not, I've posted the YouTube video below. I'll admit, I sobbed like a baby just hearing his story, but when he opened his mouth & sang so beautifully, that just sent me into hysterics. I have worked with autistic children before & one of my best friend's nephew is autistic. I have seen how difficult it is on the child and their families. What an inspiration this precious little boy is to not only us but to all those who have been diagnosed with autism and their families. I must say, I'm rootin' for him!!!

I may post some other acts that I've really loved in another post, but this one deserved a post all on its' own. ENJOY!!!


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Alison said...

OK well thanks... I am a complete and total basketcase now after watching that. I cannot even see hardly to type this. WOW!