Sunday, June 1, 2008

Randomness . . . Feed Your Mind & Your Blog


  1. My best friend is______. My best friend is Shell.
  2. I love it when______. I love it when I don't have anything on my calendar & can just have a 'ME' day.
  3. My favorite movie is_____because______. My favorite movie is Radio because it is based on a true story here in my hometown & is just very heartwarming.
  4. I can't stand it when______. I can't stand it when people talk over others. Just so you know, this is one of many things I can't stand.
  5. If I could have any job in the world it would be______. If I could have any job in the world it would be working as an event planner or for a non-profit.
  6. Most weekends I ______. Most weekends I am burning up the roads - running here, there & everywhere!
  7. ______ tastes so good! Chocolate tastes so good!!! I mean, come on . . . what else would I say?!
  8. Why does ______? Why does everyone [well,almost everyone] have a hidden agenda.
  9. I have lots of ______ around the house. I have lots of DVDs around the house.
  10. Blogging satisfies my need for ______. Blogging satisfies my need for expressing myself openly.

If you want to play along, click on the image above & be sure to leave a comment so that I can check out your answers. Have a great evening & a wonderful week!!



Harmony said...

I don't remember seeing Radio...I'll go add it to our Netflix queue now - thanks!!

Shannon H. said...

I also love "me" days...helps my mood 110%! I work for a non-profit organization and at times it can be stressful but not too bad.

::Sylvia:: said...


I'm so glad you're joining us in the swap! I'll be in touch soon! You have a great blog here!


Misty said...

That was cool! Thanks! I may do it myself! :)

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

What a cool blog. Very nice and colorful.

Thanks for visiting me on my blog and getting in on the giveaway. Good Luck.

naida said...

great answers....I saw Radio a while ago, great movie :o)
enjoy your weekend.