Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Little Bonus

So, I was reading all the blogger's answers to some of the Friday memes and saw this little added 'bonus' over at The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting and Randomness's blog

This is an open-ended fill-in meme.  I found it very interesting, so here goes . . .

My Ex . . . is someone I'd rather forget.

Maybe I Should . . . learn to relax because the stress is way over the top & it's gonna kill me if I don't chill!!

People Would Say . . . they're your 'friend,' but sometimes I have my doubts.

I Don't Understand . . . a LOT of things, but it would take too long to tell you everything.

When I Wake Up In the Morning . . . I usually want to just go back to sleep.  I am a major insomniac, so I'm never well-rested.  :-(

I Lost . . . A TON of respect for a few different people over the years - - - all for different reasons.

Life is full of . . . uncertainty.  You can never really 'plan' your life.  While you're busy making plans, life is happening . . . and, a lot of the time, your plans aren't God's plans.  I've learned that over the last few years.

My Past Is . . . some good, some bad, but all what makes me who I am today.  

I Get Annoyed When . . . people are loud, obnoxious and have no regard for others.

Parties Are . . . not really my thing.  If they're small, private affairs, I'm okay, but I can't stand large crowds with a bunch of people I don't know.

I Wish . . . I was more financially secure.

Dogs . . . are the best!!!  They're really my favorite animal and make the world a better place.

Cats . . . are fine, but not my favorite - - - mostly because I'm highly allergic!

Tomorrow . . . is a new day - - - start over!!

I Have a Low Tolerance for . . . pain.  I'm a big, fat wuss!!!

If I Had a Million Dollars . . . I'd be more financially secure, but I'd still be the same person I am right now.  The money wouldn't change me!!

I'm Totally Terrified . . . of deep water and public speaking.  What a pair, huh??



Florinda said...

Good point about the million dollars. Money changes your circumstances, but really not who you are as a person (unless the person was really shallow, perhaps).

And I agree with you about dogs, too :-)! Thanks for playing along.

kailani said...

I have a fear of deep water, too. I live in Hawaii and can't swim. Can you believe that?