Saturday, January 5, 2008

Movies Worth Seeing (More than Likely)

Just a lazy Saturday, so I thought I'd check out some movie trailers (those that are already in theatres or are coming soon). They vary across the board - from animated to suspense. They will play back-to-back OR you can arrow through them OR you can see them on the menu to the right of the viewer. One tip: Be sure the volume on the player is turned up, as well as the volume on your compter!

Have you seen any good movies at the theatre lately? Seen any trailers for upcoming movies that look good to you? Hope you've had a good day & that the rest of your weekend will be great!


Revka said...

Hm, my husband wants to see I Am Legend. I haven't seen any appealing trailers lately.

I'm stopping by to let you know that I had notified you by e-mail that you won headers number 2 and 3 in RS Designs' After Christmas Giveaway. I can only assume our e-mail didn't make it to you. We need you to choose your favorite so we can give the other one to someone else. :)

Revka of RS Designs

Becca said...

We loved August Rush (and thanks for the comment). :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for all the trailers! I haven't even heard of most of those. P.S. I love you is on my watch list for sure!

alison said...

SAD!. whoa!!!

Euphoria said...

I saw Juno- it was cute and not as funny as I thought it would be, but still kinda cute