Friday, October 12, 2007

Fantasy Friday

Here's this week's Friday Fun:
  1. If you could have your dream home, what are 5 "must haves" that you would want it to include? (1) large bathroom w/ a whirlpool tub, (2) craft room for scrapbooking, etc., (3) patio/screened porch/etc., (4) lots of built-in bookcases, and (5) maid service (ha!ha!).

  2. If you have your dream vehicle, what would it be? I don't know that I really have a "dream car." I prefer a SUV & really like my Jeep. I guess my "dream car" would just be one that rides comfortably, has plenty of leg & elbow room, is safe & the big dream would be that it was - - - PAID OFF!!!

  3. If you could change ONE thing about your life, what would it be and why? Finances. I'm TRYING to change this, but it seems to constantly turn around & bite me in the hiney. :-(

  4. If you could change ONE thing about the way you look, what would it be and why? Hands down - my weight!

  5. If you could be on a reality show (from Survivor to Dancing With the Stars to Top Chef), which one would you be on and why? I wouldn't be the ideal candidate for a reality tv show, I don't think. I guess I would love to be on a show where they built me a house or redid the one I had (something like that).

  6. If you could be in the audience of any talk show (from Dr. Phil to Jay Leno), which one would you choose and why? I'm a huge Dr. Phil fan. But, I love Ellen, too. I used to love Oprah, but now . . . not so much! But, I still think I'd enjoy visiting her show, too.

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